Does your business have poor cyber security? Here are 11 ways password manager apps improve your security and save you time

Cloud computing and web-based apps have undoubtedly improved business efficiency. But once you and your team start using various online apps, one aspect quickly becomes inefficient (not to mention downright annoying): having to repeatedly enter usernames and passwords to log in. It’s bad enough having to enter a multitude of login credentials when you first …

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Personal insurance for business owners: your 5 best options

It’s easy to be wise after the event. Taking out certain types of personal insurance is being wise before the event!  What happens if you’re in a bad accident and need to take an extended period off work to recover? Or you were left permanently disabled – or worse? What would happen if you got …

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Why small businesses are going to the cloud

“The cloud” is a phrase that means something very different these days, due to the increasing use of cloud computing. But what exactly is cloud computing? And is it a good option for small businesses? First, a quick definition. Without getting lost in ‘geekspeak’, cloud computing simply means both the software apps you use and …

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