Australian Taxation Office Mail and myGov Accounts

We have been experiencing some challenges with clients who have linked myGov accounts to the Australian Taxation Office.

Once myGov accounts and the ATO are linked, we no longer receive notices of assessment, statements of account, activity statements and other types of ATO mail in paper form through the post on behalf of our clients as these documents are now sent directly to their inboxes.

As some clients with linked myGov accounts have been unaware that the majority of their ATO mail is no longer received by us by post, they have been incurring late payment and lodgement penalties as they have not checked their inboxes in a timely manner or not at all.

We are able to see the documents sent to our client’s inboxes by the ATO via the Tax Agent Portal but do not get notifications from the ATO of the documents being sent.

Another challenge is the ATO has been sending SMS messages or emails informing our clients they have overdue activity statements or tax returns.  However, the ATO has not been taking into account that these documents are lodged through a tax agent and therefore covered by a special lodgement programme.

If you prefer to revert back to your ATO mail being sent directly to us, you are able to remove the ATO from your myGov account by going to the services page and selecting the unlink icon next to the ATO service you wish to remove.  This will not affect mail you receive from other Government departments via myGov.

Otherwise, it is essential that you access your inbox frequently to ensure you do not miss important correspondence or payment/lodgement deadlines.

Australian Taxation Office Scam Alerts

It has been brought to our attention that a new method of scamming via the telephone is a three-way conversation between a scammer, victim and another scammer impersonating the victim’s tax agent.

The scammer leaves a voicemail advising they are from the ATO and threating jail if the victim does not contact the ATO relating to an outstanding tax debt.  The victim calls back on the number provided and the scammer asks the victim for their tax agent’s telephone number who is then supposedly dialled in by the scammer in a three-way conference call.  Another scammer answers claiming they are from the same practice as the victim’s tax agent but the tax agent is not available.  The impersonator agrees with scammer that there was an error with the victim’s tax return and that they owe money to the ATO and the debt should be settled immediately.

If you receive a similar telephone call, you should hang up and contact us or the ATO independently to check if the call was legitimate.

Scammers are also sending fake ATO emails instructing the recipients to login to a fake site called ‘ATO Office Portal’ or ‘ATO Gateway Portal’.  The site asks for information including online banking credentials, credit card numbers and limits and personal address information.

Do not click on the link and disclose the information requested.

Williams Davis Pty Limited